Answering a Long-Time Valued Customer’s Question About Space Usage and Rates

Hosting Question to TVCNet:

I’ve been a customer of yours for some years now. And while I’ve been paying $14.95 per month for website hosting and everything has been great servicewise, I’m wondering why I have to pay an extra $1.95 for additional space when it looks like everyone else gives unlimited space for free. Help me understand, please?


Hi Dave,
I know you’ve been with us for a good while (nearly four years), and we appreciate you!

Our service is built on customer service and security first, with starting rates well below the industry average for our services, including cPanel, LiteSpeed, free SSL, a collaborative helpdesk system, and unlimited free support.

As a pay-as-you-use service provider, new clients benefit as they use less space and bandwidth, so they receive our lowest rates. Our more established partners pay more as they use more.

In this way, it makes us very different from the Cloudways (a Pakistani-based), Digital Ocean (Malta-based), and the other non-US-based hosting companies out there, whose primary benefits are lots of extra space and bandwidth—but little if any other human services included.

We are a human-based operation and not a cloud/robot support operation. Our rates may be higher for folks who use more resources. And this is why we have remained a debt-free, private web host for these past 25 years. Personal service is what we do. Unlimited everything, well, not so much.

Agreed, it takes a lot of work to compete with free and unlimited. We’ve accepted that we’ll never be as prominent or as notorious as the other guys as a result. And I agree that our way of doing things is dramatically different than most of the corporate venture capital-funded web hosts out here.

In short, we do appreciate you as a person and as a company. And if there’s anything we can do to help with WordPress or general online business advice.

👉 Let us know if you have any other questions!

– Your friends at WordPress Hosting and Website Security Services

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